'Hellfenlic' - Half Black, Half Transparent Green Vinyl 


This gatefold, single disc version is pressed in an ethereal 'Half Black, Half Transparent Green'. The LP is housed within a full colour printed inner sleeve, complete with liner notes and lyrics.

Side A
1. Lord Abhorrent
2. Shadow of the Beast
3. Witchfinder
4. The Hunter

Side B
5. Bastard of the East
6. Black Witchery
7. Frozen Fen
8. Messenger of God

‘Hellfenlic’ focuses on the horrific murder and persecution of so-called Witches perpetrated by the Puritan Church in The Infernal Sea’s native East Anglia. Twisted tales are told through the eyes of the famously barbaric and influential Witchfinder General, Matthew Hopkins.

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