• Image of The Great Mortality - Limited Edition LP

'The Great Mortality' - LP

Limited to 300 copies pressed on clear transparent vinyl with Black splatter effect and complete with double sided inlay.

Each order comes with an exclusive A6 postcard featuring the album artwork of which the first 100 will be signed by the band.

The track listing for the LP is as follows.

Side A:
1. Den Sorte Død
2. Way of the Wolf
3. Pestmeester
4. Entombed in Darkness
5. Plague Herald

Side B:
1. The Bearer
2. Purification by Fire
3. Brethren of the Cross

Released by Cacophonous Records (Cat number: NIHIL45)
Artwork by Richey Beckett.

Concept behind the album:
Lyrically 'The Great Mortality' delves into the dark and macabre history of the Black Death that swept across Europe from 1348 onward. Each track explores the sadistic nature of mankind during this time of despair and the violent acts and atrocities they committed to their fellow man. The lyrics also explore the control that the Church had over the people and how they imposed fear that the plague was God's wrath.

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